When in Rome...lend me your ears.

Series of illustrations completed for the Melbourne Museum's Pompeii exhibit opening this week. These will be part of the "A slave's eye view" presentation put on for school groups but open to the public every day over the next two weeks of school holidays. Romanes Eunt Domus!


Frank kennedy said...

Wow Doug,
these are really amazing. really nice colors as well.
looks like you were channeling Asterix and Where's Wally. that was meant as a compliment. the amount of characters in each illustration must have taken ages to finish and they all look great. the backgrounds are pure gold and I really like the Graffiti on the walls, nice touch.
amazing stuff Doug, very impressive

Erin Hunting said...

Hey Doug,

I recieved Zinc Alloy in the mail the other day. Awesome work, really enjoyable read & your illustrations were a treat to the eyes :)


Alina Chau said...

THese are awesome!

Douglas Holgate said...

Thanks guys!
Frank - Glad that both those influences come through. It was part of the brief that the museum wanted a mix of Asterix vs Where's Wally. Any excuse to get out every. single. one. of my old Asterix books.

Erin - Excellent! Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully should have books 3 and 4 available soon!

Alina - Thanks! Just checked out your blog and really really love your work! Added you to my links! I think the term is "blogrolled?". Not as dirty as it sounds.
Thanks again!

Craig Phillips said...

These are wonderful illustrations Doug they really have so much life in them and the feel of them really do remind me of the best of Asterix! So good! Backgrounds are great.!

Hey, is Zinc Alloy a comic book ?GN? or a paperback with interior illustrations done by you?

disa said...