Cover for the first in a new series from Stonearch Books.
Yes it quite possibly is a comic book parody of THAT 80's television series!


Craig Phillips said...

Cool Cover Doug! Is this a comic book or paper back?

Frank kennedy said...

Hey cool Doug, a parody of the A-Team.
Kidding, very nice I am sure it will be a very funny read.
looking forward to seeing some interior sequentials. If it's anything like Zinc Alloy I'm sure it will be great.
speaking of 80's parodies have you seen the book from image called Truth,Justin and the American way?
It is a parody/Homage to the Greatest American Hero. very funny and really nice artwork By Guiseppe Ferrario. It's worth a look if you haven't already seen it.
any way, nice cover. Great job.

Douglas Holgate said...

Craig - Comic book. 30 pages...but published in hardcover which gives it a great finish!

Frank - I'm hoping book #2 will be Manimal. Will have to check out Truth Justin The American Way. Sounds like a hoot! And Giuseppe is an incredible cartoonist! Cheers!

Craig Phillips said...

Cool! Doug, how long does it take you to turn round a page? I know they all vary depending on content. Do you knock out a page a day or two or..?

By the way, did I tell you my little boy, 3 and a half, loves your Laika comic? He demanded I read it over and over! Just making up my own story for him as I went. I think you are his favourite artist. Great piece that one.