I Spent last weekend as a guest at the Brisbane Supanova pop culture convention, and as usual did a bunch of con commissions...these are three of my favourites - Daenery's Targaryen Mother Of Dragons, Rogue from the X-Men and Hellboy. All in pencil, pen/ink and copic marker.

I've also opened up an online store. I'll be selling prints and original commissions out of it starting from TODAY. So head on over. Seriously. Here is the link - http://houseofskullduggery.bigcartel.com/
Currently i've got three of the ASoIaF pieces up for sale as well as details on how to order a commission. I'll be updating with more work over the next couple of weeks. I'll start putting together a FAQ soon but in the meantime feel free to drop me a line if you need more details.

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Craig Phillips said...

Very cool Doug! and post more of your fan art for Game of Thrones pretty please!